My name is Armani White and…

I’m running to represent you on the Democratic State Committee. I’m a community organizer who will put the people first and make sure that our party represents our values and pays attention to issues like displacement and affordable housing. I will fight for a Democratic Party that is transparent and empowering, not divisive and out-of-touch.


I’ve got good news!

I hope that you are staying safe and and healthy during these trying times.

Even in the midst of this crisis, our fight for equity, inclusion, and economic justice must continue. I am proud to share with you that I have united with over 50 diverse, powerful activists from across the Commonwealth seeking to join the Democratic State Committee, through the “Add-On” process as members of the Progressive Action Slate!

The Progressive Action Slate supports a vision for an activist Massachusetts Democratic Party that:
• Directs its resources to realizing our progressive platform, and works to elect Democrats across the Commonwealth for that purpose.

• Acts boldly to advance racial, environmental, and economic justice for our diverse constituencies.

• Chooses to be part of transformational change in Massachusetts, and not complicit in a status quo that fails so many.

• Welcomes everyone to join in our work, eliminating gatekeepers and trusting the grassroots of our Party to guide us.

If you know anyone on the DSC, please encourage them to vote for us at the reorganization meeting this Saturday, April 4th!

Update on the campaign!

To my friends, family and supporters,

Let me begin by saying thank you! A month and a half ago we started something very, very special. We began a grassroots movement to bring our community’s voice into the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. In just a short time, we formed an amazing team of diverse, visionary people from across Boston who voluntarily worked countless hours to grow our movement and teach our community about our state’s Democratic Party and why they deserve strong representation.

While we were all full of excitement and our community was energized to come out and vote for a position most people didn’t recognize, I did not get enough votes to defeat the long term incumbent representing the Second Suffolk.

Thank you to the TEN-THOUSAND voters in the Second Suffolk District who took a chance on the 28 year-old activist from Bromley Heath! I am so blessed to have had the chance to meet so many amazing neighbors, and connect with some of the most passionate, caring, community-minded humans. I am deeply humbled by the outpouring of support and love. I’m energized to keep the fight going!

As a community organizer I know that this is just a moment, and the movement never stops. We will continue to push for that perfect world we dream of – it is right within reach, just around the corner.

Thank you to my campaign team for believing in me. Thank you for your expertise, positive vibes, optimism, hard work, focus, and ability to laugh throughout difficulty. Through the joy and the pain we have learned how to run a campaign, fundraise, and inspire. I cherish the relationships I have built with you all and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow.

Thank you to Council President Kim Janey, City Councilors At-Large Michelle Wu , and Julia for Boston, 9th Suffolk State Rep. Jon Santiago, 7th Suffolk State Rep. Chynah Tyler, 15th Suffolk State Rep. Nika Elugardo, 6th Suffolk State Rep. Russell E. Holmes, and former District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson, for believing in me and supporting this movement.

So many people have given so many hours of their lives, sending texts, making phone calls, and hitting doors. Many people donated what they could of their hard earned money to propel us forward. I am honored, sincerely appreciate and am inspired by your sacrifice and investment in me and our community.

One of my favorite quotes, that I am reminded of at this moment is, “I will not fail for even in defeat there’s a valuable lesson learned so it evens up for me” -Jay Z. While we did not win, we did not lose, we only learned.

My team and I will continue the hard work of organizing, educating, and mobilizing our community to build power to solve the most pressing issues our communities face. Because of our hard work in Ward 9, I am proud to announce that I am a newly elected member of the Ward 9 Democratic Committee. Although I didn’t win the ballot seat, I am hoping to join the State Committee through the add-on process, so stay tuned for updates! Please also continue to follow and support my work with Reclaim Roxbury and RTCV – Right to the City VOTE Boston. No one person can save us, we are all our only hope.

Join us in the fight for justice.
We are just getting started!!

Will you donate to support our movement?

  • Donate through Cashapp to $AW4DSC – point your camera at the image below or go on CashApp, select the amount you want to donate, click PAY, and enter $AWhite4DSC
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  • Check in person or by mail: PO BOX 190045 – 55 Roxbury St, Roxbury 02119
  • Cash in person – Come out Jan 16th! 5:30-8:30 at D7 Tavern! 380 Warren St 02119

Are you registered to vote? Not sure?

You must be a registered Democrat or un-enrolled in a party (independent) to vote in the Democratic Primary on March aka to vote for me!
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